“We truly believe there are many factors that make up the current day Gentleman. He has a thirst for knowledge & an insatiable appetite for achievement. We find it to be our distinct honor to further equip this Gent with the essentials.”

Isiah and Chris

Thomas Christopher Gunter
Product Procurement & Operations

Chris is a Nashville native and graduate of Nashville State with a Business major. He has called Nashville home for 47 years.

When he’s not talking about business prospects, you can count on him to bring up topics on philosophy, psychology and personal development. On a more casual note, movies and music discussions will do just fine.

For him, it’s all about finding out what actions produce the results most needed and eliminating unneeded ones in the process. During leisure time, you can find him planning his next mini-vacation to a new city.

Client Service is the heart of what he does.



Isiah A. Thomas
Market Strategist & Client Services

Isiah has called Nashville home for nearly 20 years. He studied Sociology with a minor in marketing at Tennessee State University.

While he enjoys hosting social gatherings bringing unique people together, if you’ve managed to find him huddled with a group of friends discussing market strategies, he is utterly ecstatic.

The opportunities to improve key business functions and drive results are challenges that he looks forward to. After a rewarding day at the office Isiah likes to enjoy a neat glass of single barrel bourbon.

Ultimately the menswear industry and client relation sector has been where he has made a living.